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J2ME Game Development: Issues and Troubleshooting(TM) -Introduction

by Massimo Perrone (Hanami Solutions)


All rights to the course content are reserved and belong to Mandomartis KB and Scandinavia Online AB. This course may only be viewed online. Displaying the course written content in another site would be a violation against Swedish copyright law and international treaty provisions. However you may freely download the example source code and use it for your work. J2ME(TM) and Java(TM) are trademarks of Sun Microsystems and will from now on be denoted as "Java" and "J2ME".

The author's background

Massimo Perrone, currently CTO at Hanami Solutions, has developed over time about 30 J2ME mobile games published worldwide by leading players and operators in the mobile markets, his background includes developing of JAVA based remotely controlled webcam applications and several articles featured in italian IT printed magazines.

What is J2ME?

All our readers should have already heard, at least once, of J2ME, a light version of Java produced by SUN Microsystem with mobile devices in mind and cell phones as main target platform. Given the specifical nature of J2ME, it seems that finally the product we eagerly waited for has been released, allowing us to write applications and games featuring portability to all the devices available on the market. Can you imagine it? Write the program once and let it run on Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Panasonic, Sharp, etc. Of course the device must be MIDP specs compliant and be equipped with a Java Virtual Machine able to parse programs submitted to it. This J2ME game development course assumes you already have at least some basic knowledge of JAVA, else you're strongly advised to read first Anibal Weinstein's course on Game and Special Effects Development also available from this portal.

No roses without thorns...

Our forewords may mislead you to think that everything will be simple and there won't be any kind of problems. Too bad that good news end here. Reread the title of this ebook and think a while about what i'm going to explain. If we limit the scope of our course to applications, then there wouldn't be big problems, but since we're debating over game development and that, like you all well know, they are mainly build around graphics and music, we will gradually realize that the problems are here and quite many.

Let's begin!
Good luck!


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